Thank you, Blackout

Yang Mommy

Recently we had some powerful storms rip through the area, causing widespread blackouts. Contrary to popular belief, losing electricity isn’t all that bad.  Depending on how long it’s lost for, of course.  During our outage, I became thankful for:

  • All the candles, in all their shapes, sizes, color and scents, that I’ve amassed over the years.  Now if I only had an equivalent match book collection….
  • The chance to chat with neighbors in the street who otherwise, with power, would still be inside escaping the heat and in their regular nightly routines.  Gets me to thinking we need to have a summer block party in my neighborhood.
  • Having a good excuse to polish off a pint of ice cream for dinner.  Don’t want that to spoil, now do we?!
  • The utter peace and quiet that descended over us in the late evening.  No fans whirring or ice maker groaning.
  • No Internet or TV (gasp!).  Even with a 2-yr old in the house, who was sick and grumpy, and who “really needed Dora!”   Although I missed the break Dora gives us at night, I enjoyed reading more than our nightly share of books together, especially by torchlight.   Another bonus to no TV–instead of collapsing on the couch together to watch some Sunday night dribble, my husband and I broke out the board games.  Scrabble’s never been so much fun when playing by candlelight!
  • Getting a chance to witness my husband’s geekiness in action.  Alas, a down side to no power is no air conditioning.  Even though the storm dropped the temps from a sweltering 105 to 75 by nightfall, it’s still hot on the upper floors of our home.  So DH turned into MacGyver and fashioned me a small fan powered by his laptop and some other wires and gizmos.  Bliss!
  • Being able to see the night sky as it was intended to be seen.  Without street lights and house lights on, we were really fortunate to view the starry sky and full moon.  It was beautiful and magical in its own right.

So thank you blackout, for reminding me of the beauty in the simpler things of life.  I think the TV will be “broken” again tonight too 🙂


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