Dancing Lolitas; It’s Not Their Fault

Yang Mommy
I’d like to know why we, as a culture, continue to sexualize young children? Then we have the nerve to turn around and complain that they’re “growing up too fast.”

Case in point, the recent dance contest video that went viral, featuring an amazing team dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” number one pop chart hit. If you haven’t seen it by now, or at least heard of it, then stop reading now and check it out, first. Be warned, adult discretion should be advised.

The dancers in this video are 6 & 7 years of age.  To be sure, these particular girls are excellent dancers and some of them probably have a career ahead of them in dancing if they keep up with their training. But why oh why do we continue to see young children, especially girls, in dance competitions, perform raunchy and risqué adult-centric moves and wearing miniature couture outfits a la Victoria’s Secret? Don’t even get me started on some of the so-called beauty pageant contests. How about a brainy contest instead? Or a philanthropist contest for kids?

Back to this video. Let’s get real–the parents, the choreographers, the judges and the dancing community should not be pushing young children to dress like that nor mimic what adult performers do in their videos. I  mean, the parents paid good money to some dance teachers and this is what they came up with? And that’s OK??

And I don’t care if the Chippettes in the latest Alvin movie (whom these girls’ moms apparently got the dance routine from, not the actual video, according to some sources) wore even less than these young girls. I’m not condoning by any means what Hollywood puts forth, but at least the Chippettes are animated characters, not real people.

We as parents make daily–hourly–choices for our children. Encouraging them to dance like that, and allowing them to wear those outfits, is just too grown up. Leave the adult threads and routines to the adults and let the kids be kids. These girls are terrific enough dancers not to need to bare so much skin or perform Lolita hip grinds.


I first saw the video Yang Mommy is referring to on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.  When they showed the clip I stared at the screen in shock.  Then I started thinking “Shop showing this! Stop showing this!” as I continued to be unable to take my eyes off the spectacle unfolding on the screen.  I couldn’t believe that 5 or more adults had taught these girls moves they shouldn’t have a clue about and had dressed them in outfits I would be ashamed to wear and put makeup on their 7 year old faces.  Then I was even more mortified to realize that not only had someone videotaped it and put it on You Tube for the world to see, but that the audience was excitedly clapping for these girls. 

Yes, the girls are extremely talented and put a lot of hard work into their routine. But why were they dressed like strippers?  Couldn’t they have worn leotards to perform?  Why were those sexual movies, including hip thrusting and booty shaking, included in the routine?  By the audience applauding wildly for the sexual moves and dress, they were teaching these children that being sexual is what gets you attention and is the only way to get people to appreciate their talents. 

In addition, by posting the video on You Tube, not only were they exploiting the girls in the routine but they were also posting an open invitation for any sexual pervert or deviant in the world to view these 7 year olds in the privacy of their own homes.  How convenient for them. 

I’m sure some reading this will think ‘you shouldn’t judge other parents’ – I sorry, I have to disagree.  Yes there are instances we need to judge other parents.  Would you say don’t judge if a parent were abusing their child?  Would you say don’t judge if a parent were neglecting their child?  Adults have a responsibility to stand up for all children and say ‘I’m sorry but that’s just not right’. 

I am truly scared for our daughters if the video of those girls is considered socially acceptable.


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