Dreamweaver, Send Me a Good Dream!

Yang Mommy

Dreamweaver had my number last night. And not in a good way.

Has this ever happened to you–you wake up from a realistic dream, certain you heard your child screaming, or  a water pipe burst, or some such household calamity. Your heart is pounding and you’re trying to catch your breath as if you’ve just completed a triathalon.  And when you wake, you’re full of emotion, perhaps intense anger or frustration (or the complete opposite, and you’re feeling in love and lucky!) Add to that all that, you’re more tired than when you went to bed the night before, even if you did sleep for 8hrs.  Dreams should be renewing & refreshing, right, not exhausting?

Well this all happened to me .  It began in the wee hours of the morning as I tossed and turned, positive another bee was in the bedroom. I jerked into a sitting position, ears & eyes straining in the dark, motionless but for my breathing and occasional foot nudge at my snoring husband. See, I don’t like bees; I love honey and respect what bees do, but I have a real fear of them. Plus our cherry tree is in full bloom, a mecca for all kinds of stinging, buzzy insects. All of whom have a fatalistic wish to enter my house. Anyway, after several wakeful minutes and no more signs of a bee, I went back to the land of nod.

Then the nightmare began.  I was trying to submit an entry to a writing contest and the deadline in the dream was today. Everything that could go wrong, did. First, I lost the document on my laptop and had no electronic back up, only the latest hard copy full of edits. For some reason I was also outside and it was windy, so said hard copies fluttered in the wind and I’m sure a page or two was lost. That made it difficult to retype the entire novella.

Then, I couldn’t download the contest entry form. There was either an Internet traffic jam or the contest supervisors decided to pull the plug on the entry form for us last-minuters. Did I mention time was ticking? Not in a slow, lovely way, like when you’re relaxing beach side w/ a good a book. No, this was a ticking time bomb, like when you realize your tot has breached her diaper and you are stranded in the middle of the department store, diaperbag-less.

Thankfully, this was indeed all a dream. I woke up, unfairly angry at my DH because he had slept not only through the bee incident but just because he had slept well. Surely if he loved me, he’d not only assuage my fears, but also suffer with me too, right? Then console me, plying me with fresh coffee and breakfast in bed? Alas, not the case and I shot him a nasty look as he gave me his usual cheery “Good morning honey!” Poor guy had not clue.

Later, after I calmed my heart down and wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead, I was determined to A) make sure there really was no bee in the room (maybe it died and I would trod upon the dead body–eek!)  B) make it a point today to get that entry form in my little hands ahead of time in case there are such contest supervisors out there and C) make sure I have an electronic back up of my latest round of edits.

Thankfully, this particular contest deadline isn’t until June. However if you believe that dreams are portents of what’s to come, or are little stories of what we fear, then I’ll make every effort to make this a not only a winning entry, but one that arrives well ahead of schedule. Here’s to sweeter dreams!


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  1. Posted by Tracy on April 17, 2010 at 10:38 am

    How about dreaming of winning? 😉 Why is that we never dream of winning the lotto or a free house or anything like that? Good luck with the writing contest, at least the dream made a point of reminding us that computers do have a tendency to breakdown at the most inconvenient moments. Here’s a story of me having a bad dream. I dreamt that DH died when he was off-roading (can you see him doing that?) and I woke up in a sweat. Of course that night he wasn’t snoring or even breathing hard so after a minute I decided to….poke him awake! That was the best idea I had at 5am and would put my mind at ease…POKE! Then I decided to fake sleeping so he wouldn’t know that I poked him 🙂 It did make me feel better. So next time you have a bad dream poke your DH awake so you won’t be completely alone and awake at night 😉


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