No I Don’t Work in a Daycare; It Just Plays One on TV


Who knew that having a child would help me in dealing with my co-workers? You see technically I work with a bunch of children who are out of control and have temper tantrums. Sometimes they are loving and appreciative; but a lot of the times they scrunch their faces up and just let all their emotions out.

I often tell people at work that I only have 1 child, not 75 and my child is much cuter than any of the people that I work with. Let me give you some examples of childish behavior that I have been through:

  • The Tattletale: I work with two people who love to tattle if you don’t do what they want. The conversation will be: “You need to do (blah)”. They are very demanding and no, they are not anyone’s boss. When you say why it can’t be done or why you don’t want to do “blah” they’ll say “Well I’ll just talk to Mr. Manager”. Huh? How old are we? No one can stand a tattletale no matter if you’re 5 or 55.

  • The Pigpen: Have you ever seen the sign that says “Clean up after yourself – your mother doesn’t work here”? Well I think some people at my job have never seen it. Dirty dishes dumped in the sink, toilet paper left on the floor of the bathroom, not flushing the toilet, dropping things and not picking them up. Yep, I’ve seen it all. It’s okay when my 20 month old daughter does things like that. Not so okay for an adult who really should know better. Makes you wonder what other people’s houses look like.

  • The Taker: Small children love to grab things off a table, run and put it somewhere. We lost the keys to our storage closet for about 2 weeks when our daughter first started walking well. One day I was at the front door with her and she reaches down into my husband’s golf shoe and pulls out the missing keys! At work things disappear without anyone asking you, but the taker isn’t always so generous as to always return said item as my daughter was.

  • I Want You to Share But I Won’t Share With You: There’s always that one person who wants you to help them out but when you need help from them they’re always busy. Just like the little one who wants you to share your Legos but won’t let you borrow their blocks.

  • The Whiner: No one likes a whiney child. No one can stand a whiney adult. It’s okay to complain but to complain ad nauseum and not have a solution is just annoying.

  • The Baby: Have you ever met the child who is old enough to do for themselves but has to have their mom carry them around, hold their cup and do things a child their age really is capable of doing themselves (and they do themselves when their mom isn’t around)? You can excuse a child of this but not an adult. I work with a woman who thinks we are all here for her serving pleasure and asks for help with everything, even things you know she’s been trained on. Since she’s in her 40’s it’s extremely annoying but since she’s also a I Want You to Share But I Won’t Share With You employee, people just pretty much ignore her at this point.

    So as you can see my job can be a challenge. I do enjoy what I do but sometimes I feel like I’m at daycare and want to ask if anyone needs their diaper changed. Thank goodness for the other grownups I work with that make up for all the ‘children’ at my job. Because I don’t have a degree in child psychology.


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    1. This is great! I’ve been working on an article about how being a stay at home mom builds your work skills, including “handling troublesome clients” – but you’re right, the ones at home are a lot cuter!



    2. Posted by Tracy on February 23, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      This is SO true! My company is relatively small and the workers tend to be childess AND unmarried. You wouldn’t believe the drama and infighting at work. Usually I laugh and think “are we seriously fighting about this?” Having a child (in my case two) really puts work life in perspective that we can always find another job but this is the only family we’re going to have so I constantly work on improving that quality of life at home. Thanks for sharing your perspective, it made for early morning entertainment =)


    3. Yes! All so very true. Many children seem to have basic social skills (no hurtful language, take turns, share your stuff) down better than some adults. It makes me miss being at the office a little less ;).



    4. Posted by yangmommy on February 25, 2010 at 2:47 pm

      Yin’s observations have me empathizing with the daycare workers and school teachers that are involved in their own soap operas at work while also looking after our kids. Makes me want to buy them a beer 😉
      Great point about finding another job, too. Once a family, always a family even in today’s high rate of divorce. Those connections are always there. Glad we could make you smile!!


    5. Posted by yinmama on February 28, 2010 at 2:35 am

      Ah, those daycare providers have it much easier than I since children can be convinced that they are in the wrong 😉 I love working but at times it tries my patience.


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