Countdown to Christmas–Week 2


I’m procrastinating, don’t you know.  I should be doing one of a zillion things that have to get done this week, yet here I am, blogging instead of doing. Well, making a list helps me and I love crossing things off too–such a sense of accomplishment to do that!

Amazingly, I crossed off everything on my holiday to-do list last week (and not because I was fed up but because I actually did them!). The fact that we had our first snow of the season certainly helped put us all in the holiday spirit. This week I thought I could take it a bit easy and frolic in the snow some more until my DH informed me that there are 2 weeks left until the Big Day. Um, I was counting on a few extra days! Alas, although this week is nearly passed, I still am contending with the:

  1. Obligatory Christmas Cards: The mere thought of what lies ahead re cards has already exhausted me. At times like this, I wonder if we really need to go through the annual work and expense of sending out Christmas cards. Sure, it’s nice to catch up with  ol’ friends and regail them with all the fun things we’ve done all year, but who wants a form letter  and who has the time to craft one!  And no, I don’t like holiday e-cards for a variety of reasons. So we’ll do the cards but don’t be surprised if it arrives after the Big Day (but definitely before year’s end!).
  2. Wrap Gifts: My hiding spot is literally bursting with presents spilling out–either I’ve too many gifts or too small a hiding spot! I really enjoy wrapping gifts but I’m not the type of person to be able to wrap more than say, 5 in a row without going a bit batty. Maybe if I had my own gift wrapping room (and all that luxurious space to spread out the paper, ribbons and bows!) as they did in the olden times, it would be a different story.
  3. Find Time to Read a Holiday Story: Yessirree, I’m a sucker for a good historical romance that takes place during Christmas. Can’t help myself! All I need is a good story, a cozy corner and an hour to delve in. Finding that hour will be the tough thing.
  4. Prepping for The Next Round of Parties: This past weekend’s parties were kid-free, but the parties this weekend are not. Actually, one social is kid-oriented and another we have no choice but to bring the munchkin. And all parents out there understand the added work that entails! Oh, and I need some hostess gifts …
  5. More Duties and Tasks As Assigned: Need I say more? Work deadlines, household stuff, you name it!

So as I approach all that has to be done this week, I will do so with this in  mind–as if I’m eating an elephant which is one bite at a time. And a little rock music in the background too to get my groove going!


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