Counting Down to Christmas–Week 1

Yang Mommy

Thanksgiving is over and I’m now 10 lbs heavier. Well not really, but that’s what I felt like after pushing myself away from the table on Thursday! Then there was Black Friday and the frivolous yet maddening trip to the shops, wherein I worked off those extra pounds going up and down the aisles. This weekend we also celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday and had a great party with family and friends. Which leads me to today…

It’s the morning of Dec 1st and I’m staring at a plethora of wrapping paper that has to be recycled. Out of the corner of my eye I see several mini pumpkins that are past their prime (no implosions yet!). They too will be recycled– into the woods. There is even a squirrel on my deck  hoarding away unwanted carrots sticks and forgotten cookies from the party. 

Sigh. It’s time to get ready for Christmas, isn’t it?

This week’s Premier to-do list includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Major cleaning up after party, inside and out (TG for Scooba and leaf blowers!)
  2. Removing all vestiges of Fall (ie scurrying around the house to make sure I pack up all the autumn decorations and that said 2 yr old hasn’t hidden any in her toy box.)
  3. Getting a tree  (any tips for corralling a tot so she doesn’t climb the tree nor crawl under it whilst putting it up would be appreciated!)
  4. Christmas Party #1 to attend (which creates its own sub-list of to-dos, including arranging babysitter, etc)
  5. Decorate the house for Christmas (low on the list because as of today, I can’t even contemplate that endeavour!)
  6. All other jobs/duties/tasks as assigned (can’t get away from that one.)

So it’s time to get going and get on with things. Yet, it’s so sunny outside and it’s our one dry day of the week, so the weatherman says. Hmmm….maybe a morning walk and trip to the playground is in order instead. The cleaning and decorating can surely wait one more day, and to the squirrel I say “eat and be merry!” 🙂


Christmas again. Already! It seems like Christmas was only few months or so ago. I don’t know where 2009 has gone. I just know that it’s gone. But I have accomplished a lot already for Christmas. Here’s my “pat on the back to myself list”:

  • For the first time ever I got my advent calendar up before December 1st. Woo-hoo! Now if I could just remember to put an ornament up each day I’ll be doing great.
  • I’ve started my Christmas shopping and even bought toys for the two boys that we selected from the group our church is supporting. I just have to wrap them.
  • We got the Christmas tree up. Our goal is not have the cat or the child knock it over before the 25th.
  • I’ve had egg nog and Danish cookies already. Yea!!
  • We took our daughter to see Santa Claus. My mom would never take us so I always wanted my child to have at least one picture with the jolly old elf. The picture was pretty bad. She was petrified. I guess the shot will be funny when she’s older.
  • I figured out (what I think is) a good gift for my in-laws this year. They are very hard to shop for and my husband is no help in figuring out a present for them. So, since they love their computer and love taking pictures of their only grandchild, we got them a CD organizer that you can file by number and then press a button and it pulls the CD out. I just hope they think it’s a good gift and they use it.
  • I’ve decided to take a 3 day weekend the week of Christmas and the week of New Years. I’ve earned it.
  • I purchased a great CD of a local church playing Christmas music on the steel drums. It’s actually a present for my parents but I’m enjoying it before I send it on it’s way.
  • So my Christmas season has started off pretty well, if I do say so myself. Hopefully your holiday season will be an inexpensive, fun, family filled, stress free occasion. Okay, stop laughing.


    2 responses to this post.

    1. Posted by pacofour on December 15, 2009 at 11:50 pm

      Wow, that CD organiser sounds great! Where ar you? USA? I am in NZ and your blog came up as a’may be related’ to mine. Mine is a bit the same in that I witter on about what’s happening in my life. Not half as organised as you are about Christmas! Carol, from New Zealand


      • Posted by yinmama on December 16, 2009 at 6:34 pm

        Hi Carol. Thanks for writing. Yes we’re in the United States – just in two different states. Glad you enjoyed the post. And we’re really not that organized : )


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