Is It Time for Baby #2 (or 3 or 4 even)??


Over the past few days, I have literally staggered in my steps over various news pieces. The first was a news story on NYC preschools offering “scholarships” for 3 and 4 year olds to attend their school (because they’re far too expensive in the first place and have some nerve charging what amounts to some colleges’ tuition fees!). Let alone the grueling and down right ridiculous “admission” process or trying to just get an application! The other story was on the latest figures of the cost of rearing children in America. The study says that the average cost to raise 1 child through high school will be around $220,000. What the?!? Add to that, our global economy isn’t exactly in the best of health which means both our national and local economies are hurting.

Despite the economic woes and challenges, we would still like another child.

Now the logical side of my brain (my husband will laugh at that statement) screams, “You have so much work to do now, how can you possibly handle two little ones!” For instance, it just took me 20 minutes to prepare my toddler’s clothes for the laundry (stain stick, bless you!). Not to mention that I just finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes and in just a few I’ll need to prepare lunch. Add on to that the fact that I work from home (a blog topic for another day), so I need to make the most of the “free time” I have to do my writing. Yang Mommy-time can be nearly nonexistent. So why would I want to add another little one into our current chaos?

Because I do. My husband and I both want another child. There’s so much love to give and receive, we have to try for it.

Even on my most desperately-hair-pulling-PMSing-exhausting days, I still would like to have another child. Despite the lack of sleep for about least a year a new baby guarantees to bring, despite the added work in the kitchen/laundry room/house, despite the added finances, we want another little child.

My husband and I have discussed all the pros and cons and are not entering into this lightly. No one should enter into a decision to have a child lightly, in fact. And if we’re blessed with another child of our own, we’ll be so very fortunate. If not, then we’ll take it from there. And since the bio clock is ticking, I’d better make the most of it 😉

PS Kudos to you moms and dads out there with more than 1 kid! If you have any sanity-tips, please pass them on!


I think it’s easier for families with one working parent to consider having a second or third child than it is for families that have two parents working outside the home. That’s because of the cost of daycare.

My husband and I would love to have another child. If we do it will cost us $300 a week to put both children in daycare. That’s $1200 a month for child care. Which as of today we couldn’t afford. I make more money than my husband so I couldn’t stay home. Plus I enjoy working   outside the home. And while my husband could leave his job, not only would we sorely miss his salary, I don’t think he’d be happy. And that’s not fair to him.

I think all children should have a brother or sister to argue with. And I’d enjoy having a second child in the house. But we need to keep the child we have healthy and secure. So I leave it in God’s hands to see if we have another little one. Either way I’m thankful for what He’s provided for us and has in stored for us for the future.


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  1. Posted by Tracy on October 9, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Try closer to $400/week for childcare in Montgomery county. There are definite financial and emotional advantages to staying at home with the kids. Yes, kids are expensive, however, those years are short (between 1-4) but in the long run, would it have been better to have only one child than 2 or 3? Even though I have two now, we talk about having a 3rd (forget the 4th, then we would need a minivan) since it would be nice to hear the pitter patter of feet running to the table for dinner as I prepare 4 different meals 😉

    Oh and about the sleep, it is never guaranteed that the little one will/will not sleep for a year. So far my 3.5 month old sleeps one 8-10 hours stretch (I hope I am not jinxing myself) but her older sister did not. You never know…

    And if you have another little person, they are fascinated by the bigger little person. They really are less work than the first.


    • Posted by yangmommy on October 9, 2009 at 11:52 pm

      4 different meals–egads!! But I completely hear where you’re coming from. Remember, you’re my model 😉
      And glad you enjoy the blog, too!


  2. Posted by yinmama on October 9, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks for the comment Tracy. I live in FL so the cost of living isn’t quite as high as it is in MD so childcare at my daughter’s daycare wouldn’t be quite so expensive. But still expensive enough for us to have to really think about having another child. You do raise some good point though and I agree having several children would be kind of fun. Thanks so much for reading and thanks for taking time to write to us.


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