Hi, and welcome to our blog! We decided to create this blog for many of the same reasons other bloggers do — we wanted to air our opinions and thoughts, and discuss events that matter to us. What’s neat about our blog is that while we’re really great friends and we both are moms of children under 2, we have different “life circumstances” for mommyhood which impact our opinions and actions:
  • One of us is stay-at-home mom, the other a working professional
  • One of us has a child in daycare, the other doesn’t
  • We live in different parts of the country
  • And one of us is white, the other black, which in and of itself doesn’t matter to our personal friendship. However our individual backgrounds and what we each face as women and moms today can be affected by others’ racial opinions.

So although we actually have a ton in common, we both have our unique differences, which we hope to showcase as we blog about topical events that impact our lives, both personally and as mommies. We look forward to hearing from you too!


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